Tear Support Plus

Treat Dry Eye with Optimal Tear Production

Tear Support Plus

Treat Dry Eye with Optimal Tear Production


Eye drops aren’t the only solution to relieving Dry Eye symptoms.
Dry Eye affects millions of people every day, causing them to suffer from pain and irritation. But providing relief doesn’t have to be difficult. Our Tear Support Plus supplement gives physicians and patients an alternative, simple treatment for Dry Eye that goes beyond just using eye drops.

Tear Support Plus addresses the cause of Dry Eye by promoting optimal tear production to relieve symptoms. This product is packed with a proprietary blend of different Omega vitamins and is made with the highest quality fish oils, flaxseed oils, and borage seed oils. Tear Support Plus is a safe, healthy supplement that is molecularly distilled to ensure the removal of all harmful PCBs.

With Tear Support Plus, Dry Eye relief has never been easier.

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At Lunovus, we make it a point to learn from both physicians and patients in order to engineer best-in-class products. We are committed to providing the eye care industry with innovative solutions to some of the most common problems impacting patients. When you choose Lunovus, you’re choosing quality. That’s why all of our products are made and tested in GMP-compliant, FDA inspected labs right here in the USA.

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