The proprietary formula of tea tree oil and coconut oil make Blephadex products one of the few on the market to effectively relieve eye discomfort and provide long-term treatment for symptoms of dry eye, blepharitis, and Meibomian gland dysfunction. Click below to try it for free.

Putting Blephadex to the Test

We’re so confident Blephadex works as advertised, we worked with Dr. Janelle Davison — a dry eye specialist and founder of Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Smyrna, Georgia — to run a longitudinal case study with a group of her dry eye patients. Dr. Davison integrated Blephadex wipes and foam into her treatment protocol.

Why Blephadex?

In a marketplace filled with many different treatment options for lid margin conditions like dry eye, MGD, and Demodex, it can be difficult to determine which is the superior choice. Blephadex is trusted by doctors and patients alike because it checks three major boxes:
  • Efficacy : The combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil found in Blephadex has been an effective, comfortable, and easy-to-use treatment for patients exhibiting symptoms of blepharitis and Demodex.
  • Tolerability : Many other eyelid hygiene products on the market sting or burn the eyes and periorbital region. Blephadex cleanses and leaves skin feeling moisturized and refreshed without causing discomfort to the skin.
  • Compliance : If a product is ineffective or intolerable, it becomes more challenging for doctors to get their patients to comply with the treatment long-term. With Blephadex, you can enhance patient compliance by prescribing a safe, gentle, and affordable product that works.

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Dr. Janelle Davison put 13 patients through a variety of different protocols to treat dry eye syndrome to see whether Blephadex was truly effective — both on its own and in conjunction with other treatments — in alleviating the effects of ocular surface disease.

Study & Protocol:

Dr. Davison recommended treatment protocols in accordance with her assessment of each patient’s case. In 12 of the 13 cases involved in the study, she included Blephadex wipes and/or foam.


The breakdown of patients Dr. Davison designated as participants in the study included the following:

  • 13 Participants: 76.9% Female, 23.1% Male
  • Chief Complaint: 92.3% Foreign Body Sensation
  • Other Symptoms: 46.2% Itchy Eyes, 46.2% Blurry Vision, 23.1% Red Eyes, 23.1 Burning
  • Inflammation: 69.2% Lissamine Green Staining on Conjunctiva
  • Average Entering OSDI Score: 42.5 Severe

Results & Conclusion:

The results were recorded using the Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI), a 12-item questionnaire used to assess the symptoms of ocular irritation in dry eye disease and how they affect visual function. The results of Dr. Davison’s case study show that the group average OSDI response went from 42.5 (severe) to 14.8 (mild) after a period of compliance with the treatment protocols.

  • Average Ending OSDI Score: 14.8 Mild
What this shows is that when used as directed as part of a customized treatment protocol, Blephadex can effectively alleviate the symptoms of OSD while treating their underlying causes for lasting improvement. Because Blephadex is comfortable and pleasant to use, none of the patients reported negative experiences from using them as part of the protocol.
“Because I specialize in dry eye cases, I’m always looking for the best products to recommend to my patients. Blephadex has been a really valuable addition to my practice because it gives patients an option that works without causing pain or irritation. It doesn’t matter how effective a product is if it’s not tolerable for patients to use. Blephadex isn’t just tolerable, my patients actually want to use it!”


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