Lunovus provides physicians access to a best-in-class line of over 30 macular health vitamins, eyelid hygiene products, and dry eye solutions to support healthy patient vision, plus an innovative delivery and subscription service to enhance patient convenience and practice growth.

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“Supporting patients’ vision by serving physicians” isn’t just a company slogan – it’s our guiding philosophy.

Lunovus was founded by practicing ophthalmologists and born out of a deep understanding of the daily challenges that doctors face in their practices. Our mission is to develop research-backed eye care products that doctors can trust, using high-quality ingredients sourced from reliable distributors and manufactured in FDA Inspected, GMP Compliant facilities in the USA.

However, our commitment to solve the daily challenges of both doctors and patients doesn’t stop at having the best selection of high-quality products, it’s also the basis for our efforts to help physicians provide the best care to their patients. It’s why we developed a full line of AREDS 2 vitamins to meet every patient’s needs. It’s why our products aimed at dry eye, MGD, and ocular surface disease approach these issues from multiple directions. And it’s why we’ve worked so hard to engineer and perfect product delivery solutions like our Doc2Home System, a platform that doctors across the nation trust to give their patients convenient access to the eye care products that keep them healthy, whenever and wherever they need them.


Lunovus’ growing portfolio of eye care products is bolstered by a commitment to extensive clinical research and developed to help physicians tackle some of the most common, persistent conditions treated today.

In addition to being backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can trust that our products are:

  • Made in FDA-Inspected, GMP-Compliant Facilities
  • Formulated with Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
  • Proudly Sourced and Produced in the United States
  • Transparent with Supplemental Facts on Labels
  • Created with Input from Real Doctors


Powered by Lunovus, the Doc2Home Delivery System is an all-inclusive software featuring a suite of tools that helps support practice growth and a high standard of care by ensuring patients have convenient access to doctor-recommended products, exactly when they need them.

With Doc2Home’s proprietary technology, physicians can:

  • Provide Patients with Free, At-Home Delivery
  • Offer Year-Round Subscriptions of Any OTC Product
  • Choose from Multiple Fulfillment Options
  • Gain More Flexibility with Product Inventory
  • Get Access to a Customized Product Webstore

Practice Support

As a physician-owned company, Lunovus is deeply invested in the success of the practices with whom we partner. We exist to solve problems and have resources allocated to help you overcome challenges specific to your practice.

To support your ever-changing needs, as well as the needs of your patients, Lunovus provides:

  • 24/7 Customer Service to Your Patients
  • Access to a Dedicated Practice Advocate Team
  • Insights to Best Industry Practices & Solutions
  • Educational Materials & Patient-Facing Collateral
  • Unlimited In-Office & Virtual Platform Training

“While I can’t say enough about the quality and efficacy of Lunovus products, the biggest game-changer for my practice has been the Doc2Home program. I can sign my patients up for subscriptions, manage their treatment plans more effectively, and supplement my own, in-office procedures with at-home regimens much easier than before. Its been a great fit working with Lunous since day one — they’ve been a true partner to my practice.”

-Dr. Janelle Davison


Blephadex Lid Hygiene Products

Blephadex has set a standard of care for lid margin disease because of its patented formula containing precise concentrations of tea tree and coconut oils. This proprietary combination of all-natural ingredients is clinically-proven to effectively remove debris and gently soothe the skin around the eyes and eyelids.


  • Blephadex Eyelid Wipes
  • Blephadex Warming Eyelid Wipes
  • Blephadex Eyelid Foam Cleanser
  • Blephadex In-Office Applicator
  • BlephadexPro with Manuka Honey


Lunovus’ Visual Advantage line of macular health vitamins offers more than just quality and affordability — it provides diversity. While many formulations are based off the landmark AREDS 2 Study*, we realize that your patients aren’t all the same, so we created each supplement with slight formula variations to meet their unique needs.


  • AREDS 2
  • AREDS 2 Chewable
  • AREDS 2 + Multivitamin
  • AREDS 2 + Meso-Z
  • Premier Formula
  • Glucose 2
  • Zinc Free AREDS 2
  • Zinc Formula

MaxiVision AMD Vitamins

Lunovus is also the exclusive distributor of MaxiVision AMD supplements to give doctors and patients more options when it comes to fortifying eye health over time. MaxiVision products are made with premium quality ingredients, including best-in-class FloraGLO® Lutein, the same type used in the original NIH AREDS 2 Study.


  • Whole Body Capsules
  • Whole Body Drink Mix
  • Ocular Capsules
  • Ocular Drink Mix
  • Meso Plus
  • Eye Formula
  • Macula Formula
  • Eye & Body Formula
  • Lutein Formula

Dry Eye Formulas

Dry eye is one of the most common-yet-complex conditions physicians see daily in their practices. Our goal at Lunovus is to give you an arsenal of options to treat not only the uncomfortable symptoms of the condition, but the underlying causes, using research-backed nutritional supplements featuring proprietary blends of essential ingredients.


  • Tear Support (Visual Advantage)
  • Tear Support Plus (Visual Advantage)
  • Dry Eye Formula (MaxiTears)
  • Omega-3 (MaxiVision)

Specialty Products

From moistening eyes drops and tools that make it easier to apply drops at home to meibomian gland expression devices and warm eye compresses — Lunovus never stops innovating. We are committed to expanding our product selection to help you address new challenges and meet the evolving needs of your patients.


  • Easy Drops Glasses
  • ExpressTears Meibomian Gland Expressor
  • The Eye Doctor Moist Heat Eye Compress
  • Goodsense Lubricating Plus Eye Drops


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What is Doc2Home?

As part of our commitment to be a resource for doctors in all aspects of their practices, we want to be more than just a manufacturer of high-quality eye care products. That’s why we developed the most innovative and customizable product delivery system in the industry.

Doc2Home is a white-glove product fulfillment service, giving your patients direct-to-home access to the Lunovus products you recommend in your office. With flexible subscriptions, free shipping, and recurring monthly revenue added back to your practice, Doc2Home is aimed at making your life easier, your operations more efficient, and your business more profitable at every turn.

How it Works:


When doctors prescribe from the chair — patients listen. Using our free, customized prescription pad, recommend any product as part of a regular treatment protocol and direct your patients to the checkout counter for fast, simple enrollment.


At checkout, enrolling patients in a product subscription using Doc2Home’s user-friendly interface is as simple as taking a few extra keystrokes or swiping their credit card and ID using our complimentary card swipe technology at the front desk.


If you choose to stock products, you can hand the patient their first supply at checkout, or you can let Lunovus handle fulfillment from the start. Either way, delivery is free and Doc2Home will auto-refill products on a subscription basis.

Key Features:


Patients get doctor-recommended eye care products delivered directly to their doorsteps with no S&H fees, all handled by the supply chain experts at Lunovus.


Our convenient, year-round subscription service enhances patient compliance while capturing product revenue that would otherwise be going elsewhere.


With Doc2home comes the option to set up a branded, customizable product webstore your patients can use to purchase the products you recommend.


Doc2Home MultiCare is a premium upgrade that allows you to use the platform for any over-the-counter products you recommend — regardless of brand name.


At no cost to you, our free sample program allows your patients to try one month of a Lunovus-made product for free when they enroll in a no-contract subscription.


Doc2Home provides detailed reporting that allows you to easily manage your patients’ subscriptions, so you know whether they’re sticking to your treatment plan.


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