MaxiVision Dry Eye and AREDS 2-Based Formulas

Trusted by doctors to help patients preserve vision longer and reduce the risk of developing age-related eye diseases like AMD, MaxiVision eye vitamins are AREDS 2-based supplements with over 35 nutrients and antioxidants — including the same ingredients clinically proven to fight effects of aging!


MaxiVision Eye Formula – 180-Count (3-Mo Supply)

AREDS 2-based formula with FloraGLO® Lutein & Zeaxanthin plus an advanced proprietary blend of ingredients to support overall eye health.


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Our Premium Line Of
Vision Supplements

MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula

  • Relieves dry eye symptoms while addressing the underlying causes
  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids EPA, DHA, and ALA, Vitamins A & D to improve tear quality, tear production, Omega-6s, and turmeric to fight inflammation
  • Specially coated to prevent the unpleasant “fishy” taste of other fish oil supplements

MaxiTears Omega-3 Formula

  • Significant amounts of the optimal Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E
  • Strengthens structures in the eye, safeguards against age-related eye diseases, and helps treat dry eye and glaucoma
  • Easy to take: Specially coated to prevent unpleasant “fishy” taste


  • A stronger solution for severe dry eye symptoms
  • Improves tear quality, tear production, and inflammation with its increased doses of key ingredients: EPA, DHA, Vitamin A
  • Mint coating eliminates the “fishy” taste present in other fish oil supplements


  • Doctor-formulated, proprietary, research-backed blend of high-quality ingredients
  • 2x the average amount of key ingredients: difficult-to-find antioxidants FloraGLO® lutein and zeaxanthin
  • Specifically formulated to protect against the onset and progression of AMD

Eye & Body

  • 26-ingredient super-supplement for comprehensive support of both eyes and total health
  • Packed with nutrients that are difficult to derive from food alone
  • Contains all the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from the AREDS 2 study, including FloraGLO® lutein

Whole Body

  • 33-ingredient, proprietary formula for overall wellbeing and protection against age-related eye diseases like AMD
  • Contains all AREDS 2 study ingredients that help improve eye health
  • Uses 2x the dose of select nutrients, like the antioxidants, FloraGLO® lutein and zeaxanthin, for additional fortification


  • Uniquely formulated to strengthen eye tissues and structures while reducing the risk of age-related conditions like AMD
  • Contains ingredients from groundbreaking AREDS 2 study and decades of clinical experience: Vitamins C and E, Zinc, Copper, and Taurine
  • Antioxidants zeaxanthin and FloraGLO® lutein help increase macular pigment optical density (MPOD) 


  • Powerful antioxidant protection shown to protect eyes against aging and disease, without extra vitamins and minerals
  • Contains the specific concentrations of lutein and zeaxanthin shown to protect macular health and help prevent AMD
  • Broad-spectrum, a safe addition to any nutrition regimen

MaxiVision Pro Meso Formula

  • Formulated to prevent long-term damage of blue light exposure and protect against AMD
  • Combines all 3 inner-eye antioxidants — mesozeaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin
  • FloraGLO® lutein used in the AREDS 2 study provides comprehensive protection of MPOD

Why do doctors
Trust Maxivision?

- Dr. Peter E. Wilcox, Optometrist

“In my opinion based on years of clinical experience, this patient’s improvement is due to her use of MaxiVision’s Whole Body Formula.”

- Leo P. Semes, OD, FAAO, FACMO

“The best way for me to endorse any product is to tell my patients what I use. I use MaxiVision Whole Body Formula and have for many years. The ingredients are all substantiated scientifically and that is the proof that I seek when choosing a product.”

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In addition to our 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, you can trust that all Visual Advantage® macular health vitamins are:

Made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients

Proudly sourced and produced in the United States

Manufactured in FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant facilities

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