Why Proper Makeup Removal Can Help Patients Avoid Lid Margin Issues

Feb 11, 2020

Don’t Leave Skincare to the Dermatologists

April is Women’s Eye Health Month, which is why we wanted to discuss an issue that’s much more likely to affect female patients than males — lid margin conditions brought on by makeup. Cosmetic products like mascara, foundation, and concealer don’t inherently cause problems, and some women may not experience any negative impact to their eye comfort. Those that do, however, need simple solutions that they can make part of their daily routine when it comes to caring for their eyes. Our proprietary eye lid wipes, Blephadex, can be the solution your patients are looking for.

Here are some issues you may have seen in your practice:

Dry Eye

Using old makeup or failing to properly remove makeup at the end of the day can wreak havoc on the structures that produce healthy tears in a patient’s eyes, but according to one article in The Review of Optometric Business, a common factor in the development of ocular surface disease is using the wrong product to remove makeup. [1]

Many women use Vaseline and other oily products, either to remove their makeup or protect their skin after doing so. These products can clog the meibomian glands and diminish tear quality, leading to eye discomfort and eventually, evaporative dry eye syndrome.


Eyelid infections like blepharitis are common as a result of wearing makeup. Many women wear products past their expiration dates, but often, it’s the devices used to apply makeup that are the most problematic. A study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science found that 79% of mascara applicators used by the women studied contained harmful bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus. [2]

Sties and Chalazia

Seeing a patient with a stye or chalazion isn’t uncommon for ODs, but often, it’s difficult to identify the cause. These eye conditions have been linked with many factors — some involving poor eyelid hygiene. Women are more likely to develop a stye or a chalazion, likely due to incomplete removal of makeup at the end of the day.
“You should just be cleaning your lids every day. You brush your teeth. You floss your teeth. You should be cleaning your lids, and my preference is Blephadex.”
-Dr. Janelle Davison

Blephadex: The Key to a Healthy, Consistent Lid Hygiene Regimen

Dr. Janelle Davison, a renowned optometrist and the founder of Brilliant Eyes Vision Center in Georgia believes that Blephadex is the superior lid hygiene solution on the market today. “I recommend Blephadex over other products because of the proprietary blend of tea tree oil and coconut oil. My patients love the wipes because they really provide thorough cleansing without causing any discomfort to their eyes or face” says Dr. Davison.

At Lunovus, we understand that motivating patients to develop healthy makeup use and removal habits can be difficult, which is why we developed our patented Blephadex formulation to ensure physicians can recommend a safe, effective solution that their patients will also find tolerable and affordable.

Blephadex is available in four unique products, including our traditional pre-moistened wipes, water-activated warming wipes, a foaming cleanser, and an in-office only applicator. To learn more about how to offer your patients a FREE 30-day sample supply of any of our Blephadex take-home products, call 205-407-1075 to speak with one of our practice advocates today!