Lunovus Adds MaxiVision® and MaxiTears® to Expand Robust Product Line

Sep 24, 2020

Lunovus, a leader in the development of ophthalmic solutions to benefit practices and their patients, has added the entire MaxiVision® line of macular vitamins and eye health solutions to their product portfolio.

Lunovus has already cemented its reputation in the eye care industry by offering the Visual Advantage line of macular health nutraceuticals, Blephadex® ocular health products, and Tear Support vitamins to the market. Being part of the Lunovus product portfolio allows the MaxiVision® and MaxiTears® products to be included in the unique distribution system that Lunovus offers to partnering physicians.

Lunovus’ Doc2Home Delivery System, the first subscription service of its kind in the eye care space, enables doctors to easily facilitate convenient recurring home delivery of any product distributed by Lunovus. Don Johnson, President of Lunovus, stated, “our goal isn’t just to offer the best eye health support in the industry, it’s also to be able to make our products available in the most convenient ways possible. That’s how we support doctors and their patients.”

The addition of MaxiVision® will expand Lunovus’ already robust AREDS II product line to include vitamins that feature proprietary concentrations of clinical-strength ingredients, including FloraGlo® Lutein, proven to reduce age-related eye health complications. Lunovus will also carry the MaxiTears® Dry Eye Formula.

“We’re excited to add MaxiVision® and MaxiTears® products to our portfolio,” said Johnson, “These are premium eye health supplements that allow us to offer a greater variety of high-quality options to eye care practices globally.”

Current MaxiVision® users will have uninterrupted access to the complete line of MaxiVision® products through Lunovus. In addition to the continuing production of existing MaxiVision® formulas, customers can also expect to see a significant expansion of the brand’s product line to address a wider range of patient needs.

As its product portfolio grows to include MaxiVision® and MaxiTears®, Lunovus remains committed to providing innovative industry solutions to doctors and practice managers along with award winning customer service to their patients.


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