Lunovus Launches Unified Delivery and Subscription Service for Essential Eye Health Products

Feb 12, 2019

As a company founded by practicing physicians, Lunovus’ commitment has always been to help you find solutions to the largest challenges of managing a business in the eye care industry. Our mission isn’t just to provide you and your patients to the industry’s most effective and affordable products, but also, extend access to those products in the most convenient way possible.

With this in mind, we’re so excited to introduce our partners to the Doc2Home Delivery System, an innovative and proprietary delivery platform for practices everywhere. It builds off of the delivery and subscription services we were providing to select practitioners, and makes it available as a unified solution to everyone who recommends Lunovus products to their patients.

The Importance of Convenient Access to Recommended Products

As many doctors know, it’s easy to get a patient to start using an eye care product to help treat an issue, because often that product is given to them during their appointment. The challenge lies in keeping them compliant with directed use of the product(s) for a long enough time for it to be fully effective.

Many patients use their first month’s supply, and then either stop treatment or buy a product of lesser quality out of convenience. We know that when doctors prescribe from the chair, their word is gold to their patients, but question was, how can we keep patients compliant with their doctor’s recommendations between annual office visits?

As a response, we launched our pilot program of the Lunovus Portal System. This allowed doctors to order products from Lunovus for their patients that would be delivered free, direct to the patient’s home — with the revenue coming back to the doctor.

Now, we’re upgrading to a more unified, comprehensive solution, FREE for all doctors who recommend Lunovus products: the Doc2Home Delivery System.

Doc2Home Features & Benefits

Doc2Home allows doctors to encourage patient compliance and profit through subscriptions ordered using a few innovative features:

  1. First-Bottle Stocking: Keep enough products on hand so that patients can go home with their first order the day you recommend it.
  2. Doc2Home Prescription Pad: Select products your patients need with a customized prescription pad and give it to them to take from the exam room to the check-out counter.
  3. 60-Second Enrollment: It takes less than one minute for your front desk staff to sign a patient up for automatic, recurring refills for a product you recommended.

Benefits to Patients

  • Access to high-quality and affordable eye care products trusted by their doctor
  • Convenient, at-home delivery all year round
  • Free shipping & handling
  • Lunovus’ robust customer support
  • A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Peace of mind knowing that your patients are complying with their treatment plans
  • Creating a sustainable revenue stream from patients’ annual visits
  • Prevents your practice from getting cut out of the reordering process
  • Eliminates the need for bulk stocking and inventory management in your office
  • A more efficient process and no extra work necessary on your part

Doc2Home is a Win-Win, For Doctors and Their Patients

In summary, what this means is that you can give your patients more convenient access to the products you trust, enhance patient compliance, and earn up to 12x more revenue from every product recommendation you make — all without making any big changes to your current processes in your office. Every time a patient receives a shipment, your practice will profit as if the product was sold at your checkout counter. It’s that simple.

To learn more about how easy it is to implement the Doc2Home Delivery System in your practice, reach out to our Practice Advocate team at 205-407-1075 to schedule a free demonstration today!