Enhancing Patient Compliance With Blephadex

As a company founded by practicing physicians, Lunovus maintains a commitment to be a resource for practitioners and their patients. Learn how one prominent O.D.’s partnership with Lunovus led to a lasting solution to one of the top challenges facing the modern eye care practice.


When Dr. Scot Morris talks, people in the eye care industry tend to listen. Voted One of the eye care industry’s 50 Most Influential People, Dr. Morris has enjoyed a career that includes founding four eye care practices, being featured internationally as a speaker and educator, and starting multiple other eye care–related companies.

Now Clinical Director at Eye Consultants of Colorado, Dr. Morris is a renowned specialist on dry eyes, ocular surface disease, and technology. It’s this breadth of experience leading his practice and treating countless cases of lid margin disease that gives him an unparalleled level of experience and expertise as a partner with Lunovus.

The Issue with Patient Compliance

Dr. Morris is obviously no stranger to growing an eye care business, and his expertise with lid margin diseases like blepharitis and Demodex is well-documented. This is why, when he noticed a major issue his peers in the industry were facing, it stood out to him so clearly.

Many of the patients who were previously diagnosed with ocular surface conditions were seeing limited effectiveness with the treatments prescribed to them by their doctors. At industry events and speaking engagements, Dr. Morris said that he started to hear the same complaints over and over:

As he explored the issues more and more, however, Dr. Morris made a realization. It’s not that a given product didn’t work. The issue at hand was one with patient compliance — patients just weren’t using prescribed treatments for long enough to see results.

“These doctors were telling me that the same patients would come back multiple times with the same issues, which gave me something to think about: what products are these doctors prescribing?”

Understanding the Problem

This next part might come as a surprise. Many in the industry think that patient compliance comes down to two factors: effectiveness and affordability. Gathering patient feedback told a different story: It only matters that a product is effective in treating lid margin disease if it’s also comfortable enough to keep using it.

The issue breaks down into three key barriers to compliance:

  • Effectiveness
  • Affordability
  • Tolerability

Patients reported that if the product is affordable and effective, but uncomfortable to use, there’s a lower chance of compliance than if patients have to pay a little more for a product that works without discomfort.

“One of the most common complaints with some products, regardless of any of the other factors, was that it burned too much to use regularly,” Dr. Morris said. “It doesn’t matter if your product is cost-effective if patients just won’t tolerate using it on their own skin.”

Enter Blephadex

a Patented Eyelid Hygiene Product, from Lunovus

The best way to make sure your patients stay compliant with prescribed treatments is to make sure they don’t have to compromise. Here’s how our patented Blephadex product addresses the three compliance barriers:


According to Dr. Morris, whether a product works or not is a primary factor in the decision to prescribe, and Blephadex does.

There are three types of blepharitis that cause patients’ eyelid irritation, but Dr. Morris sees Blephadex as a multi-dimensional solution:

“We prefer to use a single agent that effectively kills the bacteria and the Demodex mites found in anterior blepharitis as well as cleanses and moisturizes the lid margin. Our agent of choice is Blephadex.”


The proprietary blend of all-natural oils in Blephadex is not just there to counteract the effects of lid margin conditions — they’re present in precise concentrations to ensure that the formula is supremely comfortable to use.

Normally, tea tree oil burns when it makes contact with sensitive skin, which is why some products that kill Demodex mites are not tolerable enough to use with any regularity. Dr. Morris’s opinion, this is part of what makes Blephadex unique.

“This product contains the perfect balance between the two oils, so that the coconut oil soothes the skin while the tea tree oil works as directed. The result is an agent that kills the bugs and heals the surface.”

Additionally, some competitor products are known for their harsh, chemical odor — Blephadex has a natural smell that doesn’t linger after use.


Not only are Blephadex products — wipes, warming wipes, and environmentally friendly foam — more affordable than many of the market’s alternatives, only Lunovus offers doctors a convenient way to make these products accessible to patients.

Our 30-Day Free Sample program allows you to offer patients a full month’s supply of a product for free, paid for by Lunovus. This means that you can make sure your patients get a no-risk trial of a product like Blephadex at no cost to you.

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Ready to Put Blephadex to the Test?

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There’s a reason why Dr. Morris prefers Blephadex over many of the alternatives on the market today: his practice doesn’t struggle with patient compliance, because patients know that Blephadex is effective, it’s easy to use, it’s tolerable, and it’s affordable.

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