Mar 2, 2020

As a company owned and operated by practitioners, Lunovus is constantly at the forefront of looking into the ways that our physician partners are using our products and services. From the start, we’ve had two primary missions: to develop the industry’s highest quality eye care products without sacrificing affordability, and offering innovative fulfillment methods that give patients convenient access to the products they need without putting a burden on the doctor.

Our Doc2Home Delivery System focuses on the latter by helping countless eye care practices get their patients on monthly subscriptions of any Lunovus product they recommended, with the revenue coming back to the practice month after month. Since it was implemented, Doc2Home has been successful in increasing patient compliance and satisfaction with recommended treatment plans, while helping doctors boost product sales in their practices.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to improve on the Doc2Home system, which is why we’re excited to announce the conception of Doc2Home MultiCare, the first OTC product subscription service on the market focused only on ophthalmic products!


While our commitment is to create affordable products that meet many of the most common needs of your patients, you’re naturally going to recommend non-Lunovus products in your practice. We realized that there was nothing out there to facilitate product subscriptions and convenient fulfillment that was built just for ECPs.

Doc2Home MultiCare is a simple subscription program that expands access to cover any over-the-counter eye care product. This is a natural expansion to our Doc2Home program, because we want to continue to provide doctors with more options to better serve their patients and simplify their practices.

This is a huge benefit to ECPs as we continue to innovate. Doctors can now stock as much or as little of a product as they like, while the remainder of the inventory is handled by supply chain specialists at Lunovus, completely off-site. Patients receive their products delivered straight to their door, and doctors continue to receive revenue from every order. This extends the freedom and flexibility we provide for doctors in how they prescribe care, keep patients in compliance, and choose which products to stock.


Implementing and benefitting from Doc2Home MultiCare is a straightforward process that reduces inefficiency in your practice. When you need to set a patient up for a treatment or follow-up plan, just follow three simple steps:

  1. Recommend a product. You can tell your patient the exact product they need, knowing that Lunovus can help you set them up on a subscription of the selected product.
  2. Patients get their initial supply. Some practices stock a small amount of product so that patients can take home their first month’s supply, while others prefer to let Lunovus handle fulfillment.
  3. MultiCare delivers, and you profit. Lunovus can deliver a patient’s products with free shipping right to their door before they run out, and practices take revenue from every order.


Adopting MultiCare is a smart move for any doctor. The extensive flexibility it provides — freeing doctors from recommending products based solely on what they have stocked or relying on patients to carry out their treatment plan independently — is only just the beginning:

  • Convenience — Doctors don’t have to deal with inventory and patients get convenient access to automatic refills of the products they need, delivered free to their homes.
  • Compliance — This means that patients will be more likely to follow through on the regimens they’ve been assigned and follow your instructions more closely.
  • Profit — Subscriptions give ECPs the ability to earn revenue from every order without needing to stock products in their offices.

Ready to try MultiCare in your practice today, simplify your supply chain, and earn more revenue? Call Lunovus today at 205-407-1075 for more information.