New Feature in Doc2Home Delivery System Allows Patients to Sample Products for 30 Days — Free!

July 15, 2019

Many ECPs dispense the eye care products they recommend to their patients directly from their office, but without a reliable delivery method after the first supply is done, patient compliance can become a major issue:

Most likely, a patient will leave their doctor’s office, run out of their supply, and not make another purchase until their next annual exam. They may also buy the product elsewhere when they’ve used up their initial supply, or simply ignore it altogether and not comply with the recommended treatment.

This is the challenge that Lunovus set out to solve and did so by adding a new feature to our Doc2Home Delivery Service that allows patients to get their first month of any new product completely free when signing up for a no-contract subscription.

Introducing Our FREE 30-Day Sample Program

Doc2Home has been a fantastic way for doctors to have access to a wide array of amazing products that really benefit their patients, all while bringing revenue to the practice and reducing stress over product stocking, shipping, and on-time delivery.

This new feature enables eye doctors to give patients a full month’s supply of the products they recommend absolutely free when they set up a recurring subscription with automatic product refills and convenient, free home delivery every month.

Increasing Patient Compliance & Profit in 3 Easy Steps

Getting your patients on board and then earning their business is a simple and seamless process!

  • Step 1: An eye doctor recommends an eye care product to their patient
  • Step 2: Their staff selects the “Free 30-Day Sample” option for the product n the Doc2Home interface at checkout
  • Step 3: Lunovus delivers the product in 2-3 days, and the patient is enrolled in the automatic refill service.

Benefits Patients Love

Patients appreciate the convenience and cost savings when their doctor is able to offer free samples of a product.

  • They have plenty of time to try the product and see if it’s right for them with no risk and no up-front costs.
  • The convenient and affordable refills are delivered right to patients’ homes automatically, and they can cancel easily at any time.
  • Patients have year-round access to the products their doctors recommend and trust, backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Benefits Practices Thrive With

Doctors love getting additional revenue and assurance that patients are getting their products when they need them, without creating extra work for office staff.

  • You’ll strengthen your doctor-patient relationships by offering a full month of free samples, without additional cost to your practice.
  • You get access to a tool that boosts compliance and ensures that patients continue to use the products you recommend to them year-round.
  • You create an effortless and continuous revenue stream just by promoting the value of our products through this sample program.

Another Way to Succeed with Lunovus

Lunovus is a company founded and owned by practicing physicians, meaning that we understand the challenges you face every day. We’re committed to finding new ways to be a resource in your practice, and that’s why we’re proud to offer this sample program to you and your patients. To learn more about activating this feature, or if you have questions about getting started with our innovative Doc2Home System, contact our Practice Advocate team at 205-407-1075 today.