Free, Custom-Branded e-Commerce Platform Now Available for ECPs Using Doc2Home Delivery System

June 18, 2020

In 2020, COVID-19 ushered in a new reality for the eye care industry. Many doctors were unable to see patients when the nationwide lockdowns began in March and April and even now are still in the early stages of getting back to “normal” operation.

At Lunovus, our response is to make it even simpler and safer to get your patients the doctor-recommended eye care products they need.

We’ve already established ourselves as industry leaders in product delivery before this year began. For years prior, our Doc2Home Delivery System has been integral in helping ECPs deliver some of the industry’s most effective products directly to a patient’s home. Doc2Home MultiCare took it a step further by opening this delivery option for any over-the-counter eye care products.

But, in this “new normal,” patients are ordering personal care and health items they need directly to their door — even using subscription models — and it’s time eye care providers rose to meet the ever-growing area of opportunity. With this in mind, Lunovus is proud to announce a new tool to ECPs: the Doc2Home Product Webstore. It’s the next evolution in keeping your patients supplied and healthy, all while increasing efficiency in your practice.

What Is the Doc2Home E-Commerce Platform?

At Lunovus, we have been working for a long time to bring practitioners their own custom branded e-commerce platform, but COVID-19 showed us just how important it is for ECPs to be able to offer convenient, online order management to patients through a portal on their doctors’ website.

When you don’t offer online access to eye care products that your patients use on a routine basis, it’s harder for them to refill their supply when they run out. Rather than call you to reorder the exact product you’ve recommended, patients will likely do one of two things:

  1. Turn to the nearest drug store or Amazon and order another a similar product (of equal or lesser quality) than what you recommended
  2. Fall out of compliance completely, rendering treatment less effective

The result is that your patient stops following the treatment protocol you handed down, your treatment is not having the intended effect, and your practice stops receiving the revenue that you get when a patient purchases their eye care products from your office.

You can set your webstore up with your own branding, so patients can trust that they’re getting the products you recommend to them to manage their eye health and treat any chronic conditions. You’ll be able to offer seamless subscriptions shipped to the doors of your patients, from a user-friendly webstore they can access from anywhere!

How Does it Work?

It’s a very simple three-step process to get your very own online store set up and begin increasing your practice’s revenue.

  1. Contact us to set up your custom webstore. It takes just minutes, and gives you options for product selection, pricing, subscriptions, and more.
  2. Recommend any product(s), and choose the fulfillment method that will work best for your practice. Either handle the deliveries yourself or opt to let Lunovus handle home delivery
  3. Keep the profit! When your patients order through your store, you profit on every order, set up recurring subscriptions, and track orders and revenue.


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Benefits for You, Benefits for Your Patients

Many practices lose out on sales when patients shop elsewhere because they’ve found it inconvenient to get refills of the products they regularly need for their eye health. Simply put, having your own online store is the easiest way to increase revenue in your own practice while making sure your patients are staying on the product regimen you recommend. Additionally, you’ll have 24/7 access to the robust customer support Lunovus offers to keep everything running smoothly.

When you can recommend products that your patients need, show them how to order it from you, and have it shipped to their front door on a recurring basis with zero hassle, that’s a winning combination that is sure to keep patients happy.

This e-Commerce solution from Lunovus allows patients to get more convenient access to the products you recommend, allowing you to capture additional revenue without any extra effort on your end. Call us at 205-407-1075 to learn how to activate your Doc2Home Product Webstore today.