A Diverse Line of Eye Health Supplements to Meet the Needs of Every Patient

May 13, 2019

When Lunovus was founded in 2004, it was with the mission to develop the industry’s best macular health vitamin. This commitment resulted in our Premier Formula, a supplement containing a precise formula engineered to meet the needs of the aging eye.

Over time, though, we realized that it was impossible for just one vitamin to fulfill this purpose. After all, different patients have different needs and priorities. As we considered how our original, gold-standard formula could be adapted for different patients, our Macular Support line of vitamins has grown from one to seven options we offer today.

Why Practices and Patients Need a Variety of Options

Over time, key structures within the eye break down. There are landmark studies that have laid out the ideal mix of ingredients to best protect the health of the aging eye:

  • Lutein and Zeaxanthin are pigments that help filter out blue light and other harmful rays.
  • Copper and Zinc form pigments and connective tissue for protection
  • Vitamins C and E strengthen cells and other structures in the eye

Even within this formula, though, different patients have different needs. We’ve held strong to the belief that patients should have options that suit their unique eyes and go above and beyond what’s “average.” That’s why we offer multiple options for more specific cases:

  • The Macular Support + Multivitamin is a fantastic supplement for patients looking for a more multi-dimensional supplement.
  • Glucose 2 is specially formulated for patients with diabetes who need help keeping their blood sugar stable.
  • The Macular Support Chewable may be a better option for older patients and those who have trouble swallowing pills.

What Makes Lunovus Supplements So Special

Lunovus takes pride in developing products backed by the latest research — as such, we’ve based our products on the latest studies in the industry.

We started the process by committing to using only the highest quality, domestically sourced ingredients, and we produce every product in an FDA Inspected, GMP Compliant facility in the United States.

As a company that strives to serve the needs of doctors and their patients, we also offer every product — Macular Support supplements, dry eye products, and more — on our best-in-class subscription and fulfillment platform, Doc2Home!

By specially formulating our different supplements for different needs, we believe that we have a solution for every patient who wants to protect their macular health. If you’d like to learn more about our Macular Support eye health supplements, contact our Practice Advocate team at 205-407-1075 today!