Lunovus Expands Best-in-Class Line of Eyelid Hygiene Products with BlephadexPro®️️️️️️️️️️️️️ + Manuka Honey

Jan 28, 2021

For years, doctors have trusted Blephadex products — Eyelid Wipes, Eyelid Foam, Warming Wipes, and in-office applicators — to help their patients manage and prevent symptoms linked to lid margin conditions like blepharitis and Demodex.

These products contain a patented combination of tea tree oil and coconut oil, powerful enough to remove impurities and sources of irritation but gentle enough to soothe and heal the affected areas. This has made Blephadex unique, as one of the only product lines in the industry to strike this delicate balance while also avoiding the harsh, chemical smell associated with many of its competitors.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce Blephadex Pro with Manuka Honey, a new, premium addition to our Blephadex product line that adds the amazing health benefits of Manuka Honey to the formula already known as the gold standard in treatment for lid margin disease.

The Benefits of Blephadex Pro with Manuka Honey

This product combines our proprietary blend of tea tree and coconut oils with a pharmaceutical grade Manuka Honey (UMF 10+), known as one of nature’s purest sources of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The UMF rating is based on the amount of Leptosperin, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and methylglyoxal (MG) present in the honey [1]. Together, they provide some incredible benefits in skin care and total health.

  • Adds powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Powerful relief for sore throats and coughs, as well as oral health [2]
  • Aids in topical wound healing

What Is Manuka Honey & Why Use It?

Manuka Honey is sourced from New Zealand and produced by bees that feed on region’s indigenous manuka plant. Due to its exclusivity and short growing season, the resulting honey can be difficult to obtain. But real Manuka Honey is a darker and more intensely flavorful honey that also provides extraordinary health benefits.

The unique manuka nectar is a key part of the honey’s structure and is what makes it beneficial above and beyond regular honey. A growing number of studies are showing benefits from soothing sore throats to topical applications [3].

For our purposes, pharmaceutical-grade Manuka Honey has been shown to reduce acne and support skin health, as well as promote wound healing [4]. It is also a fantastic natural moisturizer which soothes the skin. Combined, these components of Manuka Honey make it a premium upgrade to our Blephadex wipes.

Call Today to Try Blephadex Pro in Your Practice!

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