Macular Support

Clinically Proven to Support Macular Health

Macular Support

Clinically Proven to Support Macular Health

Protect Your Eyes from AMD

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of vision loss in older Americans. Millions suffer from AMD and can lose their vision as a result of the disease. That’s why doctors across the country recommend our Macular Support 2 vitamin to improve patient eye health and decrease their risk of developing AMD.

In 2001, researchers with the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (Macular Support) discovered a formula that can reduce the risk of developing AMD. Since then, they have improved upon the formula in Macular Support, using lutein and zeaxanthin to further support macular health. Now the Macular Support supplement is considered a standard of care when it comes to protecting your macular health and vision.

In addition to providing superior macular health, our Macular Support vitamins come in a variety of formulas to meet individual needs. This means physicians can provide patients with a solution that is meets their health requirements.

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At Lunovus, we make it a point to learn from both physicians and patients in order to engineer best-in-class products. We are committed to providing the eye care industry with innovative solutions to some of the most common problems impacting patients. When you choose Lunovus, you’re choosing quality. That’s why all of our products are made and tested in GMP-compliant, FDA inspected labs right here in the USA.

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Lunovus was created and is operated by doctors who develop innovative products that you can count on.

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